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with french artist and professional illustrator, Carol Scown-Raynal (who speaks english too)


One week art session in Vazerac, Tarn-et-Garonne, France, 3 hours each afternoon of monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, i.e. a total of 15 hours (3 h x 5 days).

Prices are VAT excluded. TVA non applicable, article 293 B du CGI (VAT not applicable under french law).

This one week session is reserved for clients who have booked their stay with LIP (Langues Immersion Pro).

Carol Scown-Raynal will provide you with all adequate quality art materials during the session. You will be able to take back home your booklet as a souvenir of your trip to artistic and cultural South-West France and have a different vision of our lovely countryside.


The sessions are open to beginners, intermediates and confirmed. 

In this one week session, you will learn :

- to create your own sketchbook from scratch,

- the basics of drawing and painting (I will adapt adapt myself to your level : beginner, intermediate or confirmed), with comments of our rich local art and history region,

- to sketch with quality graphite pencils, quality coloured pencils, study quality watercolors and gouache, you will also use the techniques of collage,

- lettering and composition for making a real nice cover,

- layouts combining your illustrations and texts, using thumbnail layout.

All throughout the session, I will follow your work individually to help you make your first illustration sketchbook you will be able to take back with you and keep as a souvenir of your artistic and cultural stay in the south-west of France.

In addition and during the week session, I will talk to you about Art History, drawing and painting in our region, mainly centered on the following sites and artists :

    - Lascaux caves (Dordogne)

    - Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres as a Master Draftman (Montauban - Musée Ingres)

    - Master Sculptor Emile-Antoine Bourdelle (Montauban and Paris)

    - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (Albi - Musée Toulouse-Lautrec)

    - Pierre Soulages, Abstract Art artist (Rodez - Musée Soulages)

    - Champollion (Musée Champollion - Figeac), World scriptures and the Rosetta stone discovered by Champollion


Payment terms :

30 % for reservation when reservation is made.

Balance at the latest 15 days before 1st day of session.

Payment by credit card through Stripe or by Paypal only.

Any other type of payment may be agreed  before and will result in additional fees.

All bookings for a session are firm and definitive 30 days before 1st day of session and there will not be any refund within 30 days before 1st day of session.

In addition, any booking date modifications will result in additional fees invoiced 40 euros per modification. 

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